Welcome and congratulations on the first step in the aviation industry.
Along with the Flight Academy and Professional Flight Centre, we make your child a full-fledged pilot and make sure that he / she has reached great heights.

Eldo , Kempies , Montana and Garsie Flying Academy in collaboration with Professional Flight Centre was  established in 2006.

The Flight Academy motto “Your child’s future is our priority“ can be thoroughly seen in the way the students develop and grow into full-fledged pilots.

 Our Mission:
• To contribute to the child’s mental and emotional development
• A safe and healthy learning environment
• A contribution to the development of the community and school    supplies

We can boast with several achievements including the youngest female pilot in the world – Marcelle Nienaber, who did her solo flight at age 15 in 2013.

Peter Barnardo is the youngest commercial pilot at age 19, and also obtained his instructors rating at 19. This performance alone is evidence of our commitment to our students.

The Flight Academy offers every student the opportunity to grow through discipline, perseverance, inner strength, self-control and dedication.

The theoretical flight training takes place at: Eldoraigne Hoërskool,  Kempton Park Hoërskool,  Montana Hoërskool and  Garsfontein Hoërskool.  The practical flying is at Professional Flight Centre Wonderboom.

To Become a Private Pilot or be able to acquire a PPL a learner needs:

8 Theoretical subjects written online as compiled by Civil Aviation.

  • The subjects are:
  • Air Law
  • Principles of flight
  • Aircraft Technical and General Knowledge
  • Meteorology
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Flight Planning
  • Navigation
  • Radio (Restricted)

This theory subjects from Grade 8 – 11 are given at the respective schools by trained instructors on a weekly basis.
The Civil Aviation exams at Professional Flight Centre can be written when the learner is 15 years old. The learner then has 3 years from the last examination date for his PPL practical flight exam completion.  The pass rate per subject is 75%.

Prospective pilots will be trained by instructors from/at the age of 15 years and 8 months old.

A valid medical certificate issued by an accredited air medical doctor and a student pilot license is required for taking flying lessons at commencement of practical flying (See fees below).

So in a nutshell…

From the age of 15 years and 8 months old, a student builds practical flying hours with a trained instructor / pilot in collaboration with Professional Flight Centre.

Before the learner may start flying, he / she must undergo a medical testing. It is done at the Wonderboom airport by Dr. Rudi Britz.

The medical is valid for two years after which re – testing is required. A student pilot license is also required. Both medical and students license can be obtained already at 15, but may only start flying when 15 years and 8 months old.

When enough flight hours (Min 10 hours) completed, a student will be tested by a DE (Designated Examiner) as appointed by Professional Flight Centre. This is only for students who are already 16 years old.
It involves flying with the examiner – if he is sure the student is familiar with all the procedures and operation of the aircraft, they would fly alone (solo) for a fixed route.

If the route is successfully achieved the learner will earn his solo status and a stripe on the epaulet.
After the solo flight, the student will then at least fly 15 hours of solo flight and then again at the age of 17 years be tested in order to complete his PPL requirement. And the second line on epaulet – he is now a qualified private pilot.
Learners who have achieved solo – will be awarded half colours at school. A learner who has achieved his PPL receives full honors at school.
Along with the flying hours to be built, the learner must also then write the 8 subjects – pass rate is 75 %. These examinations are conducted in camera at the flight school (Professional Flight Centre). The tests are compiled by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

A base camp is also undertaken annually for all pupils in grade 8, 9 and 10 where flight safety, survival and basic discipline are the fundamentalsof the camp. Learnersreceive a certificateat the endofthe yearfor attending thecamp.Eachstudentinvolved inthe Academyat the endofthe year will receive a progressreportat theAcademyMeritfunction.

I invite you to invest in your child’s future by considering aeronautics as a career.

Flight Academy

Grade 8:

R850-00 per Month x 10 Months

Grade 9:

R850-00 per Month x 10 Months

Grade 10 & 11:

R850-00 per Month x 10 Months (Phase where student transfers to PFC Professional Flight Centre)